This piss stays hot

Can you have too much Red Wolves content? A: Nope.

Let’s be perfectly real, you and we. We’re denied a full measure of competitive sports in Arkansas because one athletic department wants every cent for itself. This may be good business, but it’s not good sportsmanship. It’s bad for sport fans. It’s bad for education. It’s bad for the state’s economy. It’s a bad message to send to student athletes.

So the piss stays hot on Howl Raiser. We’re not really interested in recapping football games or announcing new hires to the basketball staff (though we’re not above it). We are interested in increasing Arkansas State’s awareness and taking to task the agents who seem hellbent against seeing the University succeed.

Will we stay in the Red Wolves’ lane? Why would we? The Baylor Rape Scandal, LaVar “Slime” Ball, The Group of Five Playoffs Theory, the American’s Goofy Quest to Become Power 6, the Media’s Obsession with Jim Harbaugh, ESPN’s Collapse, the Power Five NCAA Coup – it all matters to Arkansas State and its fans. What happens in Jonesboro doesn’t stay in Jonesboro, and vice versa. If we have an opinion about the College Football Playoffs or favoritism shown to P5 basketball programs, we’re going to express it.

We won’t be afraid to grouse. For example, when in the hell will Arkansas State field a conference softball team? What’s preventing the Bowling and Volleyball programs from taking the next leap? Is Faith, Family and Fun really a mantra of a Top 25 program? It’s a disservice to Arkansas State not to ask the prickly questions.

Thanks for dropping in. Maybe you’ll come back and we’ll share a glass an raise some howl together.

Jeremy Harper, Managing Editor for Howl Raiser


Jeremy Harper is managing editor of Raising Howl and contributes content for the