While we were grousing about Red Wolves men’s basketball, the women were kicking ass.

On November 27, the UAPB Lady Golden Lions bussed into Jonesboro and annihilated the Red Wolves women’s basketball team 85-68. After the first quarter, head coach Matt Daniel and his squad didn’t see the lead for the rest of the contest. It was a dismal start to the season, and it appeared that Daniel’s critics were right: he wasn’t the coach for the job.

Nine consecutive wins later, the Red Wolves are 4-0 in conference an atop the Sun Belt West standings. Yes, the wins came at the expense of Texas State and ULM – both projected to reside in the SBC Basement – but 9-1 is still 9-1, one of the program’s best starts in recent history.

The bucket of ice water in this story is that the Red Wolves’ haven’t really endured much of a test, which is reflected by the team’s 263 RPI. In addition to ULM and Texas State, the Red Wolves’ bedpost of victories includes two notches against Champion Christian College. Daniels & Co. soon hosts Louisiana and visits UTA, both tough squads. We’ll soon know the quality of the Red Wolves’ mettle.

Until then, this team is two wins away from matching last year’s wins total. Jireh Washington and Peyton Martin bring the buckets. Daniels may indeed be the right coach after all. As the Red Wolves men’s team attempts to get it together, why not enjoy Matt Daniel’s work while we’re winning?