UAPB to play football against sister program from Northwest Arkansas.

Just to get this out of the way, some of you are extremely tired of this subject and would rather that it just melt into the gentle ether of the Universe. Too bad. Your job is not to question my content. You job is too boost my online advertising CPMs.

With that housecleaning aside, it is my duty to inform you that the UAPB Golden Lions shall play the Arkansas Razorbacks this season, on October 23 to be more specific. Even the most Hoggy-eyed pundits are in full support:

UAPB and the University of Arkansas are siblings of the same system of education, but man, there isn’t much of a resemblance. The Golden Lions have about $5M to spend on athletics. The Razorbacks spend about $125M, and can just nudge the Arkansas legislature whenever it needs more. UAPB head football coach Doc Gamble is earning about $150,000 annually on a three year contract. UA head football coach Sam Pittman is banking slightly more – $3,000,000.00. At Thanksgiving, UAPB isn’t relegated to the kids table; it’s sitting in the backyard waiting for scraps.

So the University of Arkansas has finally done what flagship programs sometimes do and tossed the Golden Lions a bone. UAPB football has endured a bit of NCAA problems of late and they shouldn’t provide too much competition for the well-fed Hogs. If this situation were the movie “Step Brothers,” this is Adam Scott putting Will Ferrel in a headlock and giving him a noogie.

Still, the Golden Lions will enjoy the spotlight, of which the university most desperately needs. It’s nice to see a brother finally realizing that.