Red Wolves have a golden opportunity to step into the 21st Century

Rather abruptly and totally unexpectedly, Arkansas State head women’s basketball coach Matt Daniels threw in the towel Monday night, stating”Personally, I believe it is in my and my family’s best interest that I step aside and allow the athletics administration to get their coach in place. (Emphasis mine)”

Reading the tea leaves, you kinda get the picture that maybe new athletic director Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics Tom Bowen and Coach Daniels weren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye. Irregardless of the circumstances, Daniel’s departure lobs the easiest softball for Bowen to clobber: let’s make a diverse hire.

This isn’t a cry to be woke. This is an alum beseeching his University to reflect the people it serves. Arkansas State University is a role model for northeast Arkansas. We look to this high-minded institution to face forward; to lead us into the modern age. We should provide opportunities within the university so that people see that Arkansas State is a gateway to success beyond the university.

Take your time with this hire, Tom Bowen. You will be handed an underwhelming list of candidates to investigate, but now is the time to expand our worldview. Believe it or not, this is bigger than women’s hoops. Choose wisely.

Photo Credit: Mine!