Arkansas State teams up with REVEL-XP for tailgate makeover

Third-party vendor to offer amenities like satellite TV, beverage service and clean-up

Ever since Arkansas State began futzing with the tailgate experience, the tailgate experience at Arkansas State is been a mixture of failure and success. Honestly, I just want access to ice and clean bathrooms. Maybe an electrical outlet. The cheer team driving around in beverage carts would be fantastic.

Instead, A-State has attempted to tier tailgating with the joy of a corporate video. For the deeper pockets, this works well enough. For the average fan, mind if we use the AC-cooled bathroom?

Today, A-State announced it was outsourcing the tailgate to the ridiculously monikered REVELXP , which has been given the stamp of approval from A-State’s new Athletic Director Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics Jeff Purinton.

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“REVELXP is a highly-respected company possessing a proven track record of elevating hospitality, services and amenities for many collegiate programs across the country, so we’re thrilled about the potential for this partnership to enhance the full game-day experience for our fans. We believe combining REVELXP’s elite services with fan-engagement opportunities such as the Red Wolf Walk and our Kid’s Zone will provide a great atmosphere in our official tailgating area leading up to kickoff.”

All right, fine, great! If you check out the website REVELXP has built for the team, the amenities are yet to be clearly defined, but the pricing structure is ready to go. Basically, you can reserve a 10×10 patch of land for $50 alongside or very near Red Wolf Walk. From there, the prices rise dramatically with the addition of more space, chairs, tables, a tent, etc. However, the service is a legit bargain if you consider how much REVELXP charges Razorbacks fans.

The add-ons are intriguing. For example, the $400 Varsity Package offers a Vizeo Media add-on, which sounds cool until you discover that the add-on ($495) costs more than the package. More advanced packages range from $800 to $1300. Also, a food and beverage system is in the works, with the logistics still being hammered out.

The REVEL footprint is outlined in white

Location is a nice feature. Set at the Red Wolf Walk, the footprint appears to be located where corporate tents once held exclusive domain. According to the website, “All of our guests receive a site-specific map that indicates their tailgate location for either a single game or the full season.” I suppose that takes some of the stress out of jostling for tailgate position.  

REVELXP has an impressive client list, hosting tailgates for a number of SEC and BIG10 schools, plus events like the NCAA National Championship Game. The new packages may not be for everyone, but I think the arrangement may be well worth the dice roll.