The Immediate Reaction to that Particular Shitshow

My brain has accepted all of the data regarding the 20-19 loss to Southern Miss, but I doubt if I’ll ever be able to process it into meaningful information. I literally have no idea what I just saw. I mean, I know what I WAS seeing – a team that was slowly putting things together, finally being rewarded with a good road win.

Instead, once again, the Red Wolves chose to protect to ball to the detriment of pounding a nail into their opponent’s coffin. Another fourth quarter collapse! How many times can we ask fans to tune into this caustic cacophony of missed tackles, soft coverage, bland play calling and a completely dysfunctional two-minute offense that once again can’t get past the fifty yard line?

You want us to sing “Ring of Fire” for a team that can’t get fired up to close out a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter against a team that just dropped a snap in the end zone for a safety?

How does this team constantly find the opportunity to deliver a spiritless three-and-out at the worst possible time? Why are Red Wolves slapping at the ball cradled in Frank Gore Junior’s arms with only 25 yards between him and the goal line?

What are we even doing?

Here’s my request: do not ask this fan base to participate in a sing-along until you get his absolute shitshow fixed.

Kudos to John Mincey for heroically returning to the defensive line after getting hurt.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post questioned why Jaxon Dailey and not AJ Mayer subbed for James Blackman for a play. Mayer was unavailable for the game. We regret the error, and the party responsible has been tossed into a burning Ring of Fire.