Cruising the new imPACKt Club NIL Collective Website

A few weeks ago, a unity led by Davey Carter, NFL linebacker Demario Davis and Chris Woodard launched the imPACKt Club, and independent, non-profit designed to collect NIL funding for Arkansas State Athletics. However, there were pieces missing, most notably a website – a portal from which fans could participate.

On Tuesday, the imPACKt Club website went public, and it looks pretty sharp. We thought it might resemble the “Grove Collective” launched by Ole Miss supporters, and it does bear similarities. But the site is all Red Wolves, and it makes supporting the program incredibly easy.

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse

Contributing to the Collective is just about the easiest thing you can do today. imPACKt offers five membership tiers ranging from $10 to $250 withdrawals a month. Each tier – Scarlet, Black, Pines, Howl and Alpha Wolf – offers a set of benefits, all of which include a subscription to the imPACKt Club Newsletter (certain to be worthy of a Pulitzer). Other tiers offer credits to the imPACKt Club Store and special gear.

But if you’re like me and aren’t keen on getting locked into a monthly plan, there is also a one-time donation option. This morning, I felt like pitching in $20, and imPACKt had money money in under three minutes.

Yay, I supported ASU athletics and the community PLUS a get the newsletter, which I’m certain will replace all sources of information for me.

You Can Order imPACKt Club Merch Now

While there are many cuts of shirts and other wearables on the site and available for sale (as of this writing, 140 items), the design is limited to the imPACKt Club logo and a small menu of colors.

If you like the imPACKt logo, you love imPACKt merch

Hopefully, we’ll see more creative designs and more choices as the Club matures. Until then, the long-sleeved pullovers look nice.

All donations to 501(c)(3) organizations are tax deductible

According to the website, “The Impackt Club sponsored athletes will use their name, image and likeness to promote not only their own successes, but help promote charities in the community.” Davey Carter is adamant that students who align themselves with the imPACKt Club will be required to perform community service, which is not only a nice PR move for the Collective, it enables the Club to perform as a charity – and deliver a tax break for donors like you.

What’s Missing?

I was surprised that we didn’t have a list of board members in the About Us section. Many of the names on the board are recognizable, including DeMario Davis, who is an ideal face for the imPACKt Club.

Follow imPACKt on Twitter

You can follow imPACKt Club on Facebook, but gross. Follow on Twitter by clicking here.

Final Verdict

The merch isn’t great (yet), and I certainly look forward to seeing examples of Red Wolves performing the public good, but the imPACKt Club website succeeds where it needs to succeed most – by making donating easy for fans, and making membership accessible to everyone. I’ll be looking forward to my newsletter.

See the new imPACKt Club Website here.