Though Anderson sometimes said that Arkansas State was “Building a Monster,” he was not interested in creating monsters out of his players. He was interested in building up men. Let the Saban’s of the world create football machines.

The first game under Coach Perkins was a 0-49 loss to Toledo. The Indians didn’t score a single point until game 4, against Southern Illinois in Jonesboro. I was at that historic game. The moment we scored, a message appeared on the scoreboard “WE FINALLY SCORED!” It was cause for celebration. We rode that score to a 42-38 victory.

There was the close-but-no cigar loss to Nebraska. An embarrassing meltdown against SMU. A listless home loss to Appalachian State. We were destroyed in nationally aired games against Georgia and Alabama by a combined 112-7. In that three-season window, we lost to Louisiana and South Alabama twice.