It’s Plucking Time for the Sun Belt

For the first time ever*, every Sun Belt game scheduled for the week will be nationally televised, beginning at 11 A.M. when Belters gotta bounce between Louisiana vs. Iowa State on ESPN, Arkansas State vs. Kansas State on Fox and Appalachian State vs Charlotte on ESPN2.

*I have no idea if this is true

COVID-19, a terrible disease that has killed hundreds of thousands and has disrupted the lives of billions, has bore unexpected fruit for the Sun Belt. And it’s about plucking time.

Louisiana Tech’s loss was the Red Wolves’ gain when the Bulldogs had to COVID-cancel it’s game with Baylor, sliding Arkansas State and the Wildcats out of a solid FS1 spot and into rarified broadcast TV air. The Red Wolves failed to register a win against Memphis on ESPN primetime last week. It would be a shame if Blake Anderson & Pals drop the ball in [quickly Googles] Larned. (Is that for real?)

Everybody’s got to show out. You know Sun Belt Commissioner Keith Gill’s heart rate has leaped to four beats per hour. This is big time stuff. Even the crappiest game on the slate – Georgia Southern vs Campbell – gets the ESPNU spot. With the SEC and AAC still inert, now’s the time to pluck dem plums, boys. PLUCK DEM PLUMS!

It’s not like we’re looking at a schedule of body bags here. The Chants beat Kansas last year, and now Coastal gets the Jayhawks in Conway. Appalachian State and Texas State get a light workout against a pair of struggling programs. Iowa State is ranked, but at this point in the season, should that intimidate the Cajuns?

The point is that providence has laid out this moment for the Sun Belt like a McDonald’s feast at the White House. Let’s try not to barf.