Anyway, Red Wolves play the Jaguars on Saturday.

The celestial asteroid that destroys football programs, thy name is Apathy. You can see its glowing brightness growing against the darkness of a four game losing streak. Though it flames across the heavens at blistering speeds, its impact will not be largely felt as so few of us will even give a shit.

The fossil record reveals that the Apathy Asteroid has wiped out Arkansas State programs in the past (check the appendix for Mid 90s and Early Zeros). But this rock of pure indifference is potentially more dispassionate than any in A-State history; for we have grown soft on winning seasons, bowl games, and conference championships. Have Red Wolves fans the fortitude to rise from the crater once more?

Well, yes, of course.

Arkansas State is stronger than any stone hurled by college football’s ruthless gods. We’ve endured Ray Perkins and Joe Hollis. We bore the slings and arrows of winless seasons. We survived branding transitions and NCAA investigations. We can overcome one miserable, awful, stupid season.

Until then, Red Wolves take on the Jaguars of South Alabama, coached by professional fly-in-the-ointment, Steve Campbell. The Jags began the season hot with an upset of Southern Miss, and they currently have twice as many conference victories as Arkansas State. Last season, South Bama defeated the Red Wolves for the first time ever.

The storyline here is that whoever wins this contest breaks a 4-game conference losing streak. While this is nothing new for South Alabama, the Red Wolves aren’t quite acclimated to this level of despair. After all, we’re seeing what could be the first losing season in Jonesboro since 2010 – or five head coaches ago. Fans are used to booking trips to Mobile or Birmingham or New Orleans after Christmas. We’re not sure how to react.

Anyway, Red Wolves host the Jaguars on Saturday afternoon. We can blame the thin crowd on COVID-19 and maintain a straight face – no shame it that, son. We’re more than likely see Jags starting QB Desmond Trotter enjoy a career game, and there’s a good chance the Red Wolves will need to hope Hatcher or Bonner have a brilliant 4th quarter to win the game. That’s the way it goes these days.