How about Mike Beebe for Arkansas State athletic director?

I don’t know former Arkansas attorney general and governor Mike Beebe, but I did run into him in the elevator once while ascending to the Centennial Bank Stadium press box. Flanked by an attractive entourage, he conducted court inside the cramped elevator car as though we were in the VIP room of the Kingsway in Paragould. Like a werewolf in London, his hair was perfect. Beebe noted my camera and politely asked if I were part of the Red Wolves staff. Since I don’t know what I am, exactly, I said yes before he bounded off the elevator, presumably to have drinks with somebody important.

His hair is perfect

Why on earth would I want Mike Beebe, an A-State alum, to become the Arkansas State’s athletic Hand? I mean, if I just wanted someone in charge who’s really knowledgable about the Red Wolves, I’d nominate Kara Richey. But there’s more to Beebe than just advocacy. There’s intangibles like political juice. Managerial experience. Influence with, uh, influencers. Schmooze-appeal.

Does it matter that Beebe is without sports experience? A better question is, What’s the most important role of an AD? It’s not drawing up football plays or dunking a basketball or playing pickle. Mostly, it’s managing a budget, raising cash, and delivering a message fans can get behind. Does this not sound like something in a former governor’s wheelhouse?

Does he have anything better to do? Last word on him, he’s dabbling with the law at Rose Law Firm and serving on the Tyson Foods board of directors. BOOOOOH-ring. Why not put that perfectly coifed hair in the service of Arkansas State athletics? It’d take him about half an hour to charm enough money for a new baseball facility. Furthermore, Arkansas is one of four state’s in the nation with a balanced budget. Beebe knows how to make the numbers fit the bottomline. Honestly, I deserve a consulting fee for pushing this great idea.

Listen, we’re not having basketball this weekend thanks to Texas being snowed back into the Stone Age, so you might as well spend your extra free time entertaining this notion. Beebe is 75 years old, so I don’t expect to see him doing pushups after every Red Wolves touchdown. We should ask him now. I’d do it, but I don’t have his digits.