Mike Balado delivers a top-rope flying elbow to that Razorbacks basketball game proposal.

Friday night, Twitter was all a flutter when it was revealed that the Razorbacks – having had its game with Texas A&M COVID-canceled – proposed an impromptu game with the Red Wolves, only to be summarily rejected.

I won’t bore you with the Twitter drama, or even ply you with facts, as there were few official facts to be had – until Arkansas State head basketball coach Mike Balado decided to drop an elbow in an interview with Region 8 News sports guy Matt Schwartz.

Coach Mike Balado channels Macho Man Randy Savage in an interview with Matthew Schwartz

“We’re not going to get bullied into playing a game because it benefits one team,” says Balado, ascending to the top turnbuckle. “We don’t do that. We’re nobody’s little brother.” Balado Boom!

Coach Balado goes on to say that he’s counter-proposed an alternative date, November 13 of next season, when both programs have convenient open dates. I guess we’ll see about that.

Meanwhile, Balado also points out that the Red Wolves are a handful of games outside of first place in the Sun Belt West (likely not common knowledge in Fayeteville) and that Arkansas State’s focus is on the Sun Belt – not necessarily lending a hand to a program that hasn’t given a shit about in-state programs in over a century.

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