Back it up, Terry! What the heck is Bowden up to in Monroe, LA?

The first and only time I visited Monroe, LA, Tom Wopat of Dukes of Hazard fame was the grand marshal of the city’s Mardi Gras parade. As his majestic float passed by, I drunkenly noted that TV’s Luke Duke was totally drunk with power, hurling plastic beads and Moon Pies with terrible ferocity. His mouth was an O of swamp-gas revelry, burping a continues din of YEEEE-HAWS! Never had I seen two blue eyes so glowingly pregnant with insanity’s bastard love child.*

That is, not until I saw these Terry Bowden videos.

Brilliant in its conception, stirring in its execution, this attempt at Synchronized swimming seems completely in the moment! Only a madman – a madman who is also a genius – would be willing to take part in this Theater of the Unsettling.

Did Louisiana just abandon the Napoleonic Code? We’re just seeing the tip of Lord Chaos’ spear! How can Terry be this relaxed when the fabric of reality has been ripped from its moorings?

*Actually, I barely remember the parade but from what I recall, Tom Wopat was a solid grand marshal who didn’t yell Yee-Haw once, which was disappointing.