Who’s up for another glorious Sun Belt Big XII Massacre?

COVID-19 made 2020 stupid, but it was not without its bon mots. For example, I caught up on an ass-ton of television. The Office. Parks & Recreation. Ted Lasso. The Irregulars. I Am Not Okay With This. Outer Banks (God help me). Buffy the Vampire Slayer (again). Angel. I tried to get the kids interested in The A-Team and The Dukes of Hazard, but you know what? We couldn’t make’m stick. 24-episode television seasons don’t always age well. Lots of reused storylines and recycled stock footage.

Something that has aged like Owen Wilson, however, is the Sun Belt Massacre of the Big XII. Glorious purpose! Such sweet vengeance after the Big 12 completely punked the Group of Five in 2016 with its bogus talk of expansion. Eat it, Longhorns & Friends.

You know you remember it. It was September 12, 2020. Louisiana made nationally ranked Iowa State look silly. Kansas State was a 13 point favorite at home, and the Red Wolves told the Wildcats to go eat Kibble. The final hatchet blow: Coastal Carolina leveled Kansas to signal the end of Les Miles. Sun Belt 3, Big XII 0.

Sure, it’s not like college football’s Illuminati gave much of a shit. A week after the humiliation, it was business as usual. Iowa State finished 8-3 and would still be get ranked nine spots ahead of the 9-1 Cajuns. Kansas State won three games in a row after losing to the Red Wolves and the AP immediately elevated them right into the Top 25. Kansas still sucked, but whatever.

Can There Be a Sun Belt Massacre II?

Why not? The Sun Belt is stronger than ever, and some of the original characters are coming back for the sequel.

September 4LouisianaTexas+ 14.5
September 4BaylorTexas St.+ 10.0
September 11KansasCoastalTBD

As usual, Texas enters the season comically overrated, so that +14.5 line against a team picked to win the Sun Belt should be properly joshed and shamed. The Bobcats host Baylor, but San Marcos Magic is not the only reason why Texas State has a shot at the upset. The Bobcats are sneaky improved, with head coach Jake Spavital looking to make his power move this season. As for Kansas traveling to Conway, the Jayhawks have to be an underdog to the Chanticleers having already lost to them twice. I mean, right?

Bottomline: it doesn’t look like the Big XII will avenge their crushed honor in 2021. I see at least two wins here. Three isn’t a stretch. Sorry, “Big” 12. Sun Belt is still your daddy.

PHOTO CREDIT: I’m embarrassed to say, I did that