Some lucky bastard’s winning the first ever HowlRaiser Sun Belt Sheriff Award

For years, I’ve dubbed the most dominating SBC football programs “The Sun Belt Sheriff,” identifying who wears the badge (and who wants to rip it off their chest). In 2021, we make it official.

Determined by the HowlRaiser staff at season’s end, The Sun Belt Sheriff’s Badge is awarded to Athletic Director for the most the most punishing, the most hard-nosed, the most difficult to spiritually judo slam football program in the conference.

Does this mean that the AD of the Sun Belt Champions automatically wears The Badge? Nope. Let me tell you something, Ace: Coastal enjoyed a magic season, but [frantically Googles] Matt Hogue ain’t no Sheriff. Not yet! You need to wield a heavy bully club, and had the HowlRaiser Sun Belt Sheriff Award existed in 2020, it would have gone to [CENSORED].

The HowlRaiser Sun Belt Sheriff Award is handcrafted and stamped out of gold-colored steel, and while it doesn’t give you the authority to arrest Privileged Five fans on sight, it does entitle the wearer to drink as many O’Doul’s as he or she likes without shame.