Is Appalachian State the perfect cake? Fun Belt Podcast Episode 6

Fun Belt Podcast continues to add to its spice rack with a zesty peek into what the hell is going on at Appalachian State. Heisman Trophy and AP Top 25 voter Ethan Joyce joins us in the kitchen for Episode 6 where we slice into the Mountaineers’ tasty cake.

  • Former Clemson, former Duke QB Chase Brice is “the guy” behind center, but is he “the man?”
  • If there is one team Appalachian State wants to see in the Sun Belt, it’s Marshall
  • Coastal Carolina’s sudden success irks the Mountaineers in a very irksome way
  • Ethan sees NOBODY threatening Coastal and App in the East
  • The Sun Belt West? Whatever.


  • Ethan joins Dusty on Team Vandals
  • Ethan dismays Jeremy by dumping poop on the CUSA/Sun Belt Super Mega Conference
  • Ethan welcomes back Ben, who wasn’t kidnapped and thrown to the bottom of Beautiful Eagle Creek after all.

You can listen to Episode 6 by clicking here immediately

Fun Belt Podcast (@FunBeltPC) is hosted by Ben Moore (, Dusty Thibodeaux (Warhawk Report) and Jeremy Harper of If it’s not Sun Belt, it’s crap.