Week 7 Lessons for the Sun Belt

He is outed. Exposed. Revealed! ULM Head Coach Terry Bowden is a Secret Super Sun Belt Agent of Entropy, disrespecting the order of the Universe to deliver complete chaos upon an unsuspecting college football community. Underneath that encyclopedia-salesman exterior and more-than-passing resemblance to Michael Lerner is the steely cold cool of an overly written Quentin Tarantino hitman.

After blowing his cover by boldly dispatching Troy in Week 4, the crafty Bowden allowed Coastal and Georgia State to drop 114 points on his head, lulling Vegas into granting Liberty an outrageous 32-point spread. We were such fools! The Warhawks, who didn’t win a game last season, froze Hugh Freeze and the Flames and may be the scariest program to play in the Sun Belt.

The Cajuns Unceremonious Demolishing of the Mountaineers Has Me Questioning Everything

Before the Louisiana Cajuns topped the Mountaineers on a strange Tuesday night of college football, I was prone to calling Appalachian State “the most complete team in the Sun Belt.” But the Cajuns absolutely bullied App State in Lafayette by limiting the Mountaineers to a mere 211 yards of offense in a 41-13 Saturday Night Special pistol whipping. Chase Brice, who’s played brilliantly at QB all season, looked silly with barely a 100 yards worth of passing and two picks. Who are these Cajuns? They didn’t look like the same team that barely slid by South Bama and Georgia Southern. These Cajuns looked offensively balanced (209 through the air, 246 on the ground) and ready to squirt pepper juice into the eyes of all enemies.

South Alabama Reminds Georgia Southern That This Isn’t Their Year

It was fun hanging with the Cajuns, embarrassing the Red Wolves, and giving Troy a heart attack. Glad you like it, because it’s over now. The Jaguars of South Alabama had quite enough of those shenanigans, blasting the Eagles 41-14 on their near mint condition home turf. More impactful than the humbling of Georgia Southern is the restoration of confidence for South Bama, who were somehow bested by Texas State last week, something not even Troy allowed.

Oh Yeah, Troy Beat Texas State

This sad subhead isn’t very fair to the Bobcats, who have now played two solid games in a row and might have beaten the Trojans had Troy not remembered how to defense in the 4th quarter. For what it’s worth, Troy should be impressed with itself for having cracked the twenty point barrier for two consecutive weeks now. They get a week off to bathe in their golden chalice of points while Texas State gets to bug the hell out of the Panthers.

Sun Belt Entropy Serendipity

Did you check out the weird scoring the Sun Belt offered in Week 7? The Sun Belt played two mid-week games and a delivered nearly identical scores (41-13 and 41-14). The Sun Belt then played two Saturday games and finished with identical scores (31-28 and 31-28). Don’t look at me like that! I say it’s voodoo!