Cajuns Out-Hate The Red Wolves 28-27.

The game began with a pair of incredible defensive stops – from Arkansas State. The first, an uncharacteristic three and out to ruin the Cajun’s game opening possession. The second was majestic goal line stand that transcended all time and space. By the end of the first quarter, the Cajuns were scoreless. However, so were the Red Wolves, with Layne Hatcher still trying to re-familiarize himself with the space behind center.

Ten minutes into the second quarter, the Red Wolves scored on a methodical drive underscored with a gritty run element we haven’t seen all season, capped by the usual acrobatic Corey Rucker end zone snag.

Suddenly, I’m having the most fun I’ve had at a Red Wolves game since getting irresponsibly sloshed at U.S. Pizza while watching Arkansas State versus Kansas State.

And then, just like that, the Red Wolves game up a 99 yard TD.

It was the second consecutive week the Red Wolves wasted an incredible kick only to give up a 99 yard score. But then, Hatcher voodoo continued when he bounced a bullet off Rucker’s hands only for the ball to land in Jeff Foreman’s arms for a big gain. The drive ended in a field goal, but it left a layer of magic dust on the field. Halftime score, Cajuns 14, Red Wolves 10 – and 84 run yards!

Heisman Hatcher opened the second half by completing a pretty good pass to Te’Vailance Hunt – who pin-balled through the entire Cajun secondary for 76 yard touchdown. Cajuns followed it up with a 4-play TD drive, signaling a dim end to the Red Wolves Defensive Renaissance, but this was kind of fun, right? We’re just here too have fun.

AND THEN A FUMBLE RECOVERY PLUS AN AMAZING CATCH BY FOREMAN! Red Wolves Defensive Renaissance lives on! Moments later, Emmanuel Stevenson was hauling in his first career TD. So much fun!

More fun! Pick by Kenneth Harris! The result was another field goal, but as Socrates once said, points are points. Also, the Red Wolves hemlock is giving up big plays, and the Cajuns took the lead on a 70 yard TD run by Chris Smith.

Five minutes into the fourth quarter, it was 27-28 Cajuns and the Red Wolves defense was still playing way above their heads. But that Cajuns three-headed run game, man. It’s a killer. Chris Smith, your future Sun Belt Player of the Week, finished the game with 238 yards and 2 TDs.) Louisiana methodically rumbled down the field, eating yards and gobbling clock – a ten minute a drive the eventually ended at the two yard line and zeroes on the clock.

That’s how it ended, you guys. 28-27.