Red Wolves receive L-shaped house-waming gift from the Razorbacks

Rex was finally afford a measure of justice during the Red Wolves vs Razorbacks women’s basketball game. Two weeks earlier, he was served a hot dog by Arkansas State concessions that didn’t meet his very high stands for meat-ish tubes.

Thank God for Convo F’N Bank Arena Dogs, served with the appropriate amount of steam!

Apart from the hot dogs (and the Frisbee-catching dog at halftime), there wasn’t near enough sizzle in the Red Wolves game as Arkansas State was handed a 94-71 L by Arkansas.

Arkansas started hot, but seemed hesitant to defend in the paint, while the Razorbacks appeared free to throw fists and elbows whenever it suited them. By the third quarter, the Razorbacks had built a 76-58 lead, with the crowd’s energy revived only briefly by the T-Shirt Cannon Guy.

These two brought the fire

Keya Patton was, at times, a scoring dynamo for the Red Wolves scoring 17 points, and Trinitee Jackson had her moments beneath the goal with some gutsy physical play, but the Hogs seemed to have too many playmakers, with Makayla Daniels leading the charge.

In the end, the Red Wolves allowed too many open shots. But at least there was this:

I took that photo