Everybody seems to really like Jeff Purinton

06-08-18 ADMIN Trustee Presentation Photo by Kent Gidley

Sometimes, when you hire a guy to be your Athletic Director Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics, it raises a scant few eyebrows or (distressingly) more than a few alarms. In the case of former Crimson Tide Deputy AD Jeff Purinton, the digital praise has been overwhelmingly positive.

Having enjoyed a 15 year career at Alabama has certainly enabled Purinton to make warm connections with the Blue Checkmark crowd, but more importantly, he has garnered solid reviews from the surliest critics in the known universe – cantankerous Arkansas State fans:

Also, Jeff Purinton is endorsed by Kirk Herbstreit, most famously known for blocking me on Twitter: “I don’t have any doubt Jeff will make an outstanding AD for Arkansas State.”

Photo Credit: A-State Athletics