Arkansas State hired a “Director of Baseball Operations” and it feels like a seismic shift.

While the entire nation was processing the grave threats posed by “generation five” fighter jets in Top Gun: Maverick, what appeared to be a modestly interesting announcement appeared on the Twittersphere:

I don’t know much about Jared except his favorite color is magenta and that he digs Slim Chickens. However, I do know that Dylan Owens formerly occupied the position, a grad student who interned with the program before becoming its director in 2021. (It is not clear if this was a paid position, as Mr. Owens name does not appear in the GovSalaries data base.) But here we are, basking in a brave new world where the Sun Belt is poised to become an elite college baseball conference, signing on an off-campus guy who can lend perspective from a successful program. Nice.

Apparently, Jeff Purinton has heard the pain of Red Wolves baseball fans, and is already taking interesting steps to relieve our terrible suffering.

CORRECTION: an earlier version implied that Arkansas State never had a Director of Baseball Operations. We were fools. FOOLS!

PHOTO CREDIT: I borrowed this photo from Mississippi State athletics – something you call tell the police should I suddenly vanish.