Cheers! Arkansas State Debuts BetSaracen Beer Gardens

Enjoy a few suds with buds when the Red Wolves take on Grambling State

One thing that I have in common with a certain Supreme Court Justice is that I like beer. It’s good stuff. When it was announced by Red Wolves Sport Properties what Centennial Bank Stadium would feature not one, but two beer gardens (sponsored by BetSaracen!), my fist closed for a reflexive pump.

Yeah, so that Twit Pic ain’t exactly a Glamor Shot, but beer requires no glitz. Here are some bullet points released by Arkansas State.

  • BetSaracen Beer Gardens are located at the northwest corner of the west concourse and central point of the east concourse near The Pines. 
  • ID will be required and validated for members at the BetSaracen Beer Garden. 
  • The BetSaracen Beer Gardens are open when gates open (2 hours prior to kickoff) and close at the end of the third quarter.
  • Members will not be allowed to take beverages out of each designated BetSaracen Beer Garden. 

You’ll note a couple things. One, you probably saw that word “members.” Remember how you used to have to sign your name to become a member of the 501 Club to get served a drink? Same principle here, except now you’re a member of the NEA Sports Club, which you can include on your LinkedIn profile.

Secondly, no mention of what’s on tap. Not that I care. Just pour it.

Third, no mention of price, but there’s a rumor that the going rate is $8, prompting this early note on the message board.

The Most Price Conscious Fan Base in College Sports remains undefeated. However, keep in mind that the last thing the Red Wolves need is a super-tanked fan base overwhelming the Olive Garden after the game. Just enjoy your beer and drink responsibly.

Photo Credit: Shamelessly stolen from Red Wolves Sport Properties