Arkansas State fails to Old Dominion and it hurts

It was kinda funny. The ESPN Plus crew who covered the Old Dominion v Arkansas State game could not understand why Champ Flemmings hadn’t received a touch in the first quarter. Flemmings was not in the lineup. He was hurt. But the remote ESPN Plus crew, who seemed to be broadcasting from an empty apartment, had no idea.

Anyway, I can’t totally weigh in on this loss to the Monarchs because I didn’t get to see the whole thing: blame my obligations as a Dad. We’re a better team, we lost, and that’s it.

Jeff Foreman caught four passes for 115 yards and a TD after I decided that Foreman wasn’t the same guy who seemed so promising his freshman season. It’s good that Foreman found some touch, but the Red Wolves run game was inglorious in its inefficiency: 2.4 yards per carry. Without Champ Flemmings and Te’Vailance Hunt to spread the field, the offense was a struggle.

Old Dominion won. In the end, that’s what counts.