Red Wolves completely overpowered by The Dukes

James Madison bullies Arkansas State for a 42-20 victory

About halfway through the fourth quarter, Dukes running back Percy Agyei-Obese took the ball on fourth and one, pancaked about three Red Wolves defenders, and rumbled into the endzone to take a 35 to 20 lead. The run not only summed up the evening in one play, it seemed to totally remove any oxygen the Red Wolves had left in their upset attempt. On the following possession, A-State quarterback James Blackman fumbled on a sack from behind, and one play later, the Dukes were back into the end zone.

It was quite a turnaround from the first quarter, which didn’t see a score from either team. But while The Dukes made adjustments, the Red Wolves never seemed to find pace of offense, nor discover a defensive scheme sufficient to putting the brakes on JMU’s offense.

A touchdown snag for Te’Vailance Hunt brought the score to 20-28 early in the fourth quarter, but that proved to be the last drop of the Red Wolves’ will to win. James Madison took control of both sides of the ball, scoring three unanswered touchdowns late.

Belief will have to wait a bit longer in Jonesboro.