With stars departed, Caleb Fields shines on the court

The Red Wolves are 3-2 on the young season with the verdict still out on their effectiveness as a winning team. However, one certainty has been made clear: this is Caleb Fields’ team, and he’s leading with his play on the court.

Through five games, Fields is your Red Wolves team leader in points-per-game (13.2). Fields is your team leaders for assists (4.6 apg) and field goal percentage (52.2%). He is behind only Caleb London in 3-point percentage, and for the last two games, he’s scored 42 points. He’s growing stronger.

Fields is feel’n it. He plays with an athleticism and confidence I have not seen in seasons past. While both Marquis Eaton and Desi Sills were willing to slash into the paint to draw a foul, Fields has the the body and fearlessness to not only draw that foul, but finish the play. Without Norchad Omier to bash bodies inside the paint, Fields is delivering a physicality that newcomer inside-men like Omar El-Sheikh and Izaiyah Nelson have yet to establish.

Last year’s Red Wolves relied on Omier (averaging 14 points and 10 boards per game now at Miami) to take over games. Arkansas State no longer has that kind of guy, but the combination of Fields, Nelson, El-Sheikh, and Markise Davis may be the Voltron version of Omier that could possibly make these Red Wolves dangerous as the season matures.

PHOTO CREDIT: Elijah Parker and the A-State Athletics Department