Red Wolves Fall to Troy After the Predestined Fourth Quarter Collapse.

The third quarter ended with the Red Wolves holding a 14-19 lead over Troy. However, the Trojans had first down and goal, and five seconds deep in the fourth quarter, Troy had a 20-19 lead, scoring six of what would eventually become 34 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to squash the Red Wolves 48-19.

The fourth quarter was classic Red Wolves, marked with interceptions and big offensive plays from the opposition. Arkansas State had an opportunity to rebound after the Trojans took the one point lead. Sadly, deep in Troy territory, Blackman telegraphed his pass and would up throwing a pick-six. It was over after that. The defense was out of gas, allowing themselves to be pushed out of Kimani Vidal’s With the game out of hand and only four minutes left, Butch Jones put freshman Jaxson Dailey behind center and he immediately threw a pick. It would result in the game’s final touchdown.

For three quarters, it wasn’t a bad game, though the Red Wolves began the game with two short and goals only to wind up with a pair of field goals. Seydou Traore and Champ Flemings both delivered big plays, James Blackman ran one into the end zone, back up QB AJ Mayer passed for a TD. Samy Johnson had a pick and nearly ran it in for six. TW Ayers, playing his final game, came up with a big fumble recovery.

None of it mattered because eventually all football games have a fourth quarter.