Nuth’n But NET: Swishing in the Sun Belt

If this post has one newsworthy nugget, it’s that Troy moved up 39 spots to overtake Louisiana in the echelon of sub-100 NET programs. Otherwise, one can see how a steady diet of DivII opponents have slowly eroded a select grouping of Sun Belt NET rankings.

ProgramNET (Dec 19)Formerly
Southern Miss2931
Old Dominion130152
South Alabama124130
Texas St.207255
Appalachian St238244
Coastal Carolina252248
Georgia St268297
Arkansas St.278261
Georgia Southern286NA
Oh, uh, hello there, Eagles

If there is a second major news story here, it’s that I somehow neglected to place Georgia Southern in the previous Nuth’n But NET post. Those responsible have been tossed out of a speeding limousine.

Our congratulations to Texas State, who improved their lot by a whopping 48 positions since last we NETted.