Red Wolves Football Recruiting Looks Pretty Bad Ass

Arkansas State concludes 2022 with the Sun Belt’s best football recruiting class

Signing Day Twitter graphics a terrific, even when they’re bad. Take Georgia Southern’s approach, for example. It’s simple and clean and contains a strange hashtag nobody will use. Curiously, it appears they found a Signing Day sponsor (Morris Bank, the official bank of student athletes making bank).

Where the Eagles went Minimalistic, the Red Wolves went Baroque, breaking the bank on photography and design packages, sparing us no level of detail. We get school-of-origin, the hashtag, and some seasonal flare. There’s even a Signing Day logo in the corner. (Credit given to the A-State design team of Ciaran Dooley and Julian Aguilar.)

Overall, the Sun Belt can boast a strong Signing Day graphic game. Sure, James Madison could have put a little more effort, but we can give them a pass as FBS rookies. If I had to declare a loser, I gotta go with Old Dominion – from the headache inducing font to the use of double-images, my advice is that sometimes less is more, fellas.

Coastal put together some weird GIFs that were kinda cool

Of course, it’s the substance of the recruits that matters over the aesthetics of the recruitment process. According to 24/7 Sports, Arkansas State delivered the best recruiting class in the Sun Belt, edging out Appalachian State by a handful of points.

StudClassPosHeightWeightRating (247)Transfer
Brian AlstonFrDL6-22410.8585
Jacob BayerJr.OL6-33150.78*Lamar
Micah BlandSr.DL6-1321NAN. Alabama
Tobias BraunSo.OL6-73150.8612*Ole Miss
Tennel BryantFr.WR5-7149
DeAndra Burns JrFrWR5-101540.8558
Chauncy CobbFrWR5-61470.817
Will CrowderSo.QB6-22170.8726*West Virginia
Clyde CurryFr.WR6-21620.8456
Walker DavisFr.OL6-32800.8163
Wendell Davis Jr.Sr.LB6-32400.8544*Northwestern
Kevin DiazJr.TE6-4259NANW MS CC
Brandon GreilFrS5-111590.825
Timothy GulleyFr,DL6-12940.8237
Hamilton HallSr.OL6-53150.8505*Ole Miss
Cedric HawkinsFr.RB5-71730.8104
DeAubry HoodFr.CB5-11170
Courtney JacksonJr.WR5-111790.844*Syracuse
Terrell JamesFr.DE6-32190.8475
Ian JeffriesFr.DL6-42740.8478
Dontay JoynerFr.S6-01650.8336
RJ KellyFr.LB6-12200.8385
Takare LipscombFr.WR6-01750.8433
Tyler LittleFrTE6-4240
Mason MyersFr.OL6-42540.8378
Jaylen RaynorFr.QB6-0198
Jordan SampleFrLB6-21940.827
Zak WallaceJr.RB6-02200.7667*UT Martin
Jamil WilliamsFr.LB5-112020.8244
Pretty cool group of dudes

Arkansas State Butch Jones continues to build the program methodically and without shortcuts. While he and his staff did acquire some much needed transfer help, 20 of the 29 players signed are incoming freshman. In addition, the rebuild of the offensive line is an ongoing project, with the staff hauling in five more sides-of-beef – including two very large transfers from Ole Miss.

Lastly, state programs (including Arkansas State) have been criticized for signing too few homegrown talents. On Wednesday, A-State signed five from the state of Arkansas (DeAndra Burns Jr., Walker Davis, Brandon Greil, Cedric Hawkins, and Zak Wallace) more than any FBS program in the state.

IMAGES: Grabbed off Twitter from every Sun Belt program