Portal Poaching: Red Wolves Football Transfer Action for 2023

As of this writing, the Red Wolves have seen surprisingly few portal defections. Perhaps the roster finds the Jonesboro air agreeable. Or maybe the players are buying into the program Butch Jones is shaping. Whether the air or the ethos, the Transfer Portal has been used conservatively at Arkansas State.

Who Gone?

PlayerPos.247 RankingDestination
Kenneth HarrisCB0.8900 (T)Ok. State
Deris JacksonDL0.8241 (HS)
Derick BeanS0.7914 (HS)
Tristan ShorterLB0.8048 (HS)
Seydou TraoreTE0.92 (T)Colorado
Ethan MinerOL0.768 (HS)North Texas
Vershaud RichardsonLB0.839 (HS)

It’s not the first time the Red Wolves have lost its leading receiver to The Portal (see Corey Rucker), but the loss of Traore certainly stings.

Who Jones-Boogyied In

PlayerPos.247 RankingPrevious
Courtney JacksonWR0.844 (HS)Syracuse
Wendell DavisLB0.8544 (HS)Nebraska
Hamilton HallOL0.8505 (HS)Ole Miss
Corey RuckerWR0.8361 (HS)S. Carolina
Jalen CunninghamDL0.885 (HS)Ole Miss
Tobias BraunOL0.8612 (HS)Ole Miss
Zac WallaceRBNAUT Martin
Jacob BayerOL0.78 (HS)Lamar
Manny StokesDB0.8123 (HS)Coastal Carolina
Gavin PotterLB0.8414 (HS)Kansas
Donte ThompsonCBNAIncarnate Word
Micah BlandDLNANorth Alabama
J.T. ShroutQB0.8696 (HS)Colorado

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Expect to see more movement in the weeks ahead, particularly incoming, where Butch Jones is attempting to stock as many offensive linemen as he can find, plus some experience in the QB room.