Caleb Fields’ massive dunk is the highlight of the Red Wolves basketball season

I don’t know much about slam dunks. Truth be told, I don’t really care for dunks. A thing of beauty to me is a mid-range jumper or a perfectly executed bounce pass through traffic. Still, if we poured this Red Wolves basketball season into the sieve, Caleb Fields’ slamtastic dunk on Coastal Carolina was as close to a season highlight as we’re gonna get.

It was the Dunk That Shattered the Red Wolves 10 Game Losing Streak. It was a dunk made on a broken wrist. It was a dunk that followed an ally-oop drunk from Fields to Izayiih Nelson, but it was Fields’ dunk that brought the F’N Bank Arena to its feet.

It was a slam dunk dedicated to the litany of injuries that have plagued this Red Wolves team, powered by the frustration of season of double-digit losses. May the image of Mighty Caleb Field’s sailing through the sky, ball high in hand, a spitting image of the great god Apollo bringing down the Sun to shine upon all mankind, serve as moment that is seared into our collective fan-minds when history recalls this horrendous season.

PHOTO CREDIT: A-State Athletics