A “Super League” of College Football could be the shit-show that unites the Group of Five with the Power Five.

I don’t understand European soccer, nor do I want it explained to me. However, you don’t have to be (Googles “famous soccer player”) Pele to understand that this “Super League” a few wealthy clubs are trying to put together has spoiled a lot of crumpets across the pond.

How Euro-football wants to accumulate even more cash is up to them. But the ripple of the Super League has been seen as a portent by more sagacious pundits who see the future of college football in Europe’s tea leaves.

I see at least four candidates for the Glory Days League in here.

OMG! What if the wealthiest college sports programs ganged up and created a brazenly selfish, self-centered but wildly profitable Super League? The ramifications could tear loose the moorings of reality!

First of all, the idea that our current unfair and unbalanced system of college athletics fails to fully benefit a handful of blue-blooded programs is absolutely ridiculous. Does Ohio State really need more money? Is funding really the issue for Nebraska? Should we set up a GoFundMe for LSU?

But let’s pretend these Power Five snobs decided to break away from the system that has nourished them to create a Super League. Who gets left out? Pitt? Colorado? West Virginia? Vanderbilt? Sure! But also Arkansas, Michigan State, Washington and Utah. Suddenly, those programs would feel the second-class distinction felt by a select group of programs.

The Group of Five.

Welcome to the club, Oklahoma State. Enjoy the second-class view, Rutgers. Newsletter every other Tuesday, Ole Miss! Imagine waking up beneath a cold sun that no longer glows angelically upon you! Oh no! ESPN contracts, gone! Merchandising contracts, gone! Auto-entry into preseason polls, poof! Get used to watching your Tuesday night games on ESPN+, brothers!

The Super League could be the one thing that unites the G5 with the Powerless Five, placing it stark relief how grossly unfair the system is to those without billionaire bucks. Now you will be forced to accept away-game only contracts and “You ain’t played nobody” rhetoric. It’s tough, Powerless Five, but you get used to it.

But you don’t have to. Join us in the fight, estranged brothers! Gnash your teeth in the direction of the Super League that hasn’t been formed and isn’t even likely to. After all, why would Texas want to mess up a good thing?

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