Fun Belt Podcast unmercifully raids your pod list.

Nobody asked us, but we’re doing it anyway. Fun Belt Podcast launched Friday July 23 and it absolutely open wide the crystal portals of perception.

Fun Belt Podcast features three titans of media, madness and manliness: Ben Moore (@BenMoore247), Dusty Thibodeaux (@warhawk_report) and me (@AstateFanRules). Combined, they bear the physical strength of nearly two men.

Episode One: Sun Belt Media Day

Episode Two: Conference Realignment Entropy!

Mugs and T-shirts available upon request

Who are these guys?

Dusty Thibodeaux

During twenty years of covering the ULM Warhawks and SunBelt Conference, Dusty has seen the conference grow from the new kid on the block to one of the premier G5 conferences. Working by-day in the InfoSec industry, at night he’s the publisher of WarhawkReport, part of the network of sites.

Ben Moore

Ben has covered the Georgia State Panthers Football program since Practice #1 in 2009 and has covered High School Football and Basketball Recruiting for nearly two decades. He’s the publisher of, part of the 247sports network of sites.

Jeremy Harper

A graduate of Arkansas State University, Jeremy has covered the A-State Red Wolves for a number of outlets, most recently for and When he’s not covering the Red Wolves, he’s either polishing his monocle, stroking his imaginary goatee or staring blankly into space.

Where can you find Fun Belt Podcast?

Fun Belt Podcast will be eventually be available on Spotify, Apple and iTune platforms. Right now, you can find Episodes One and Two on PodBean.