Is it time to dust off that Sun Belt/CUSA super conference concept?

I want to be on record saying that Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC is horrible for college football. Cui bono? Who benefits from a stronger SEC other than the SEC? Nobody. This is why we needed an NCAA with teeth – a governing body that rules for the benefit of college athletics as a whole. Instead, one conference has taken over, and we’re seeing the extinction of college athletics unfold before our very eyes.

I refuse to be the old man shaking his fist to the clouds. Instead, I recommend we fight back.

Release the Super Conference.

Yeah, I realize I’ve beseeched everyone in the Sun Belt orbit to stand pat and hold the line. I maintain that position. But should I have a fall-back position, it is the Super Conference between the Sun Belt and Conference USA. According to some well-sourced people, it ain’t happening.

I agree with Chris “Milli” Vannini. The Sun Belt is stable, thriving and their expansion plan out-maneuvered CUSA, who modeled their own expansion on demographics and markets rather than on quality programs. Now the Sun Belt is in the position of power with Top 25 programs and a new deal from ESPN. We’re the captain now.

So why extend the hand of partnership to the conference that endeavored to destroy us? Money, baby. Money and survival.

The SEC has scanned the landscape and decided that bigger is better; the more, the merrier. The SEC has all the money in the world, but all isn’t enough. Texas and Oklahoma lines the golden coffers with more gold. Size matters now, and if we’re going to survive, we need size.

Bring it on. Unite the clans! Create the 24-team super-conference that the public yearns to see. You want Louisiana Tech vs Louisiana. You need Rice vs Texas State. You demand UAB vs. Troy. Honestly, I’d love to get see Arkansas State put its hairy paws on Middle Tennessee one more time. There’s enough hate to go around.

Listen, one reason why the SEC is expanding is so that it can create a league large enough to where it’s feasible to play only themselves. Today, they’re obligated to play four non-conference games. Once the SEC expand to 16, watch them reduce that number to three or even two. The SEC isn’t interested in what’s best for college athletics. They’re interested in what’s best for the SEC.

So we have to do what’s in OUR best interest. Release the Mega Conference. Embrace the chaos. Only the big will survive.