Keith Gill Speaks: Fun Belt Podcast Episode 8

Is there a college football conference hotter than the Sun Belt? Fun Belt Podcast ambuscades Sun Belt Commissioner Keith Gill in Episode 8 and squeezes him for answers to the universes’ most pressing questions!

  • Is the Sun Belt getting in on this wacky realignment business? Meh!
  • Any truth to that wild rumor that Keith Gill was seen at Marshall currying favor with the Thundering Herd? Meh!
  • Canceling the Sun Belt Championship Game between Coastal and Louisiana was a bummer!
  • Will Sun Belt Hoops ever be worth a damn?


  • Keith Gill would totally DOMINATE the Milk Crate Challenge (were he so inclined)
  • Idaho is nice, and Keith likes potatoes

You can listen to Episode 8 by clicking here immediately

Fun Belt Podcast (@FunBeltPC) is hosted by Ben Moore (, Dusty Thibodeaux (Warhawk Report) and Jeremy Harper of If it’s not Sun Belt, it’s crap.