Chanticleer Wizardry: Fun Belt Podcast Episode 9

‘Tis witches and warlocks in Conway? On the latest Fun Belt Podcast, the Voice of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Joe Cashion makes a passionate case for mere mortal talent and skill – not dark magics – that led to Coastal’s magic 2020 Season. Presto! Episode 9 reveals all!

  • Will there be a letdown in Conway? The Chants see 2021 as the “Validation Season”
  • Canceling the Sun Belt Championship Game may have cost Coastal a NY6 Bowl
  • Did the AP and Coaches Poll actually dis the Chants? Uh, yeah, a little.
  • How does it feel to finally be hated?


  • Liberty in the Sun Belt? They have at least one nomination.
  • You pronounce “Louisiana” Louisiana LAFAYETTE.
  • Did the Eagles Mafia kidnap Ben again? We await the ransom note.

You can listen to Episode 9 by clicking here immediately

Fun Belt Podcast (@FunBeltPC) is hosted by Ben Moore (, Dusty Thibodeaux (Warhawk Report) and Jeremy Harper of If it’s not Sun Belt, it’s crap.