Going Deeper: Red Wolves 2-Deep for the Tulsa Hurricane

“OR” gets the boot in Week 4, with James Blackman listed as the undisputed starter, with Coach Butch Jones citing his downfield ability and leadership as the contributing factors. Layne Hatcher had a pair of turnovers on Saturday against Washington, which Jones likely viewed dimly.

QBJames BlackmanLayne Hatcher
RBAlan LamarMarcel Murray
TEReed TylerEmmanuel Stevenson
WRJeff ForemanAdam Jones
WRCorey RuckerReagan Ealy
WRTe’Vailance HuntDahu Green
LTAndre HarrisNoah Smith
LGIvory ScottMakilan Thomas
CEthan MinerJacob Still
RGErnesto RamirezJustin Dutton
RTRobert HolmesWyatt Luebke
DEJoe OzougwuThurman Geathers
DEKivon BennetTW Ayers
DTTerry HamptonQuay Mays
DTVidal ScottJohn Mincey
LBAnthony SwitzerCam Jeffery
LBCabel BonnerDerrick Bean
LBDane MotleyJeffmario Brown(or) Jaden Harris
SElery AldexanderAntonio Fletcher
STaylon DossTrevian Thomas
CBJarius ReimonenqDenzel Blackwell
CBLeon JonesSamy Johnson
Special Teams12
KBlake GrupeAidan Ellison
PRyan Hanson
KRMarcel MurrayLincoln Pare
PRJohnnie LangLincoln PareLeroy Deshazor
  • OUT: Leroy Deshazor as punt returner. Johnnie Lang gets the call.
  • We see some minor shakeup at the secondary, with Leon Jones taking over at #1 over Samy Johnson, and Elery Alexander swapping with Anthony Fletcher. Butch Jones cited Leon Jones as somebody who has improved every week.
  • Alan Lamar is still your #1. Jones confirmed that Marcel Murray is dinged, but is expected to be 100% for Tulsa