Week 6 Lessons for the Sun Belt.

In 2002, a guy named Berne Barker was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for becoming “the world’s oldest male stripper.” Bernie, who died in 2007, was 60 when he recieved the honor. Good for Berne Barker. He shows us that anyone with a yeoman’s heart for perseverance and a rocking bod can go get himself a record.

I’m not sure if this is a real record or not, but after six weeks of football, the Arkansas State Red Wolves defense is personally responsible for bestowing four conference Offensive Player of the Week awards.

Are you seeing this, Guinness?

Worlds record or not, the feat is damn impressive, though not likely a preferred cocktail conversation starter for Red Wolves’ defensive coordinator Rob Harley. Note that the Red Wolves just missed kingmaking a fifth Offensive Player of the Week when Washington Husky wide receiver Jalen McMillan received honorable mentions for his 175 yard, 1 TD performance against the Red Wolves in Week 3.

Texas State Just Ruined South Alabama’s Year

After trading body-blows with Louisiana (and falling short), the Jaguars came out flat against the Texas State Transfers this Saturday, which puts quite a smudge on South Alabama’s Sun Belt Elite application. Now the Jaguars join Arkansas State as the only Sun Belt program without a conference victory on the season.

Turns Out Defense is How You Beat the Eagles

After hanging 59 points on the Red Wolves, Georgia Southern could only muster 24 against a capable Troy defense, which held Logan Wright to NEGATIVE ONE YARD – 209 fewer yards than he tallied last week against A-State. The Troy offense, averaging less than 18 a contest, exploited the Eagles soft defense fo a whopping 27 points. Put the Eagles comeback on hold.

Panthers Darren Grainger Padded Stats Against the Warhawks

It was tempting to think that ULM, after upsetting Troy, was some kind of Double Secret Super Agent tasked with creating Sun Belt Entropy. Everything is back to script now, with Georgia State piling up 572 yards of fun on ULM’s soft-serve defense. The very efficient Darren Grainger distributed four TDs on just 230 yards passing while also serving as the Panthers primary run game – 84 yards and a score.

PHOTO CREDIT: That’s me and Keith Gill chilling at the Apocalypse