Group of Five Guys Take Over: Fun Belt Podcast Episode 19

On the latest Fun Belt Podcast, Ben, Jeremy and Dusty welcome the Group of Five Guys into the secret volcano lair, where we discuss the best and worst of the Sun Belt as Appalachian State is slaughtered by the Cajuns. Also in Episode 19:

  • Is Grayson McCall for McReal? We Mcthink so.
  • Listen buddy, when a G5 teams beats a P5 team, it’s because the G5 team was the better team, okay?
  • Who is the Sun Belt midseason MVP? Three dudes stand out.
  • One way to elicit stunned silence from the Group of Five Guys is to mention the Kibbie Dome.
  • The Group of Five Guys give us their picks for Week 7!


  • Jeremy and Dusty pepper second-year head coach Terrance Johnson of Texas State men’s basketball in Episode 17
  • Ben accesses the enormous spreadsheet inside his mind as he explains realignment economics to America.
  • “Boobcats”

You can listen to Episode 19 by clicking here immediately

Fun Belt Podcast (@FunBeltPC) is hosted by Ben Moore (, Dusty Thibodeaux (Warhawk Report) and Jeremy Harper of If it’s not Sun Belt, it’s crap.