The NFL Combine will be repped by the Sun Belt

Feats of strength and speed to be on display before fully clothed men wearing whistles and carrying clipboards.

I don’t know what you think about the NFL Combine. It’s become a made-for-TV event where human beings are made to grunt for a national audience. Voices like Deadspin have called for its destruction. Personally, I find it that who gets invited to the NFL Combine is more compelling than how many reps at the bench press a player can perform.

Facts are, those invited to the NFL Combine have an inside-track to being drafted. Not all who are invited do, of course. And certainly not all who are snubbed do not. Still, it’s good to have “NFL Combine” listed on your LinkedIN, in my opinion.

Nick HamptonDLAppalachian St.
Cam PeoplesRBAppalachian St.
Lance BoykinDBCoastal Carolina
Jerrod ClarkDLCoastal Carolina
Michael JeffersonWRLouisiana
Andre Jones JrLBLouisiana
Zack KuntzTEOld Dominion
Nick ZaldiveriOLOld Dominion
Darell Luter JrDBSouth Alabama
Jalen WayneWRSouth Alabama
Jason BrownleeWRSouthern Miss
Jake AnderewsOLTroy

It’s worth noting that the Sun Belt has radically increased its NFL Combine invites from just six in 2022 to 12 in 2023. The NFL Combine is held February 28 thru March 6 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.